Video Clips

The hard evidence Rebecca has left in her infamous wake!

SCREAM OF THE BIKINI – Paola Apanapal as Sophia

Scream of the Bikini is a 1960s action-spy-thriller by acclaimed South American director, Fernando Fernandez. Jasmine Orosco and Paola Apanapal – in their English language film debuts – are Bridget and Sophia: gorgeous super models by day, brutal bounty hunters by night. Murder, intrigue and pillow fights await our beautiful leading ladies at every turn, as they match wits and martial arts with a coterie of madmen and women bent on world domination. Filmed somewhere in South America in 1966, and poorly translated and dubbed by Germans, this unintentionally funny James Bond meets Barbarella love child plumbs the seedy depths of the international fashion model/psycho-killer underworld with a boldness that only a gun to the head can provide.


A married couple celebrates their special day unaware that someone is watching them.
20 SECONDS TO LIVE is a comedy-horror series presented by Adam Green’s ArieScope Pictures.


As Giuseppe prepares for the most important meeting of his life, he is stalled by his desire for perfection–a stubborn bow tie and the nearly-as-perfect, mysterious beauty Gianna. This moment together tells the story of their past but the night will determine their future.

HOLY TRIP – Nastya

This is from “Holy Trip” and it’s a compilation of the easy, nice moments.


Also from Holy Trip, this is the big fight with Shane.  This is one of my favorite scenes from Holy Trip.  It was late in the shoot during this turbulent day out in the desert of Southern Utah and for me, the weather perfectly matched the moment in the film where all the underlying issues came to a head.  Nastya was a really fun character because at first glance she’s got this tough, abrupt, take-no-prisoners Ukrainian sass, but she’s protecting a lot, and this is when the jokes fall away and you get to see what’s behind the curtain.
Holy Trip is set to release in early 2019.


This is the comedy highlight from Holy Trip.

THE EXES – Alicia

I so rarely get to play around in ditzy characters! I almost didn’t believe it when I booked this because I’m so used to going out for smartypants stuff. It was so FUN! This cast was so warm and welcoming and hilarious. I’m really glad they had such great success with the show.


This is a rando thing called ZHarmony
We might as well include it but the blurb will be that we’re a bunch of jackanapes with a camera having fun.

FIRSTS – Amanda

This was a really fun project I got to work both on camera and as a First AD. Courtney just decided that she was going to produce a series and conjured it out of thin air. It was so inspiring!
I play Amanda, Courtney’s sassy closeted(?) bff.


Have you ever been secretly in love with your best friend and had one too many drinks to hide it anymore? Amanda has!


HORMEL NATURAL CHOICE TV SPOT – Sandwich Tasting Party featuring Judy Greer

HEINZ YELLOW MUSTARD TV SPOT – Ketchup’s Got a New Mustard: Backyard BBQ

HEINZ YELLOW MUSTARD TV SPOT – Ketchup’s Got a New Mustard: The Break Up

HEINZ YELLOW MUSTARD TV SPOT – Ketchup’s Got a New Mustard: The Pop In

DIET DR PEPPER TV SPOT – Lil Sweet featuring Justin Guarini


JOHNSON AUTOMOTIVE TV SPOT – Tired of Being Badgered?