Video Clips – Drama

The hard evidence Rebecca has left in her infamous wake!


Determined to avenge her father’s murder, Abby enters the world of sexual fantasy and sadomasochism.


As Giuseppe prepares for the most important meeting of his life, he is stalled by his desire for perfection–a stubborn bow tie and the nearly-as-perfect, mysterious beauty Gianna. This moment together tells the story of their past but the night will determine their future.

HOLY TRIP – Nastya

Shane, his new Russian mail-order bride Nastya, and his estranged brother Byron take a road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle for his mother’s funeral. Here are a few of Nastya’s rare quiet moments when she’s not being quiiiiiite so feisty.


Also from Holy Trip, this is the big fight with Shane. This is one of my favorite scenes from Holy Trip. It was late in the shoot during this turbulent day out in the desert of Southern Utah and for me, the weather perfectly matched the moment in the film where all the underlying issues came to a head. Nastya was a really fun character because at first glance she’s got this tough, abrupt, take-no-prisoners Ukrainian sass, but she’s protecting a lot, and this is when the jokes fall away and you get to see what’s behind the curtain.
Holy Trip is set to release in early 2019.